Cost Consultancy

Elias Topping has been privileged to work on some of the most prestigious and successful projects in the region and the financial success of these projects and other less high profile projects is based on a practical approach to creating risk free and economic solutions.

We do not just look to reduce costs, but to assess the quality and functional requirements to ensure financial resources are correctly directed, both in terms of revenue, capital expenditure and inherent property value.

Value for money and the correct product are equally important and this is always taken into account when any value engineering exercise is undertaken.

Control of costs goes hand in hand with minimising the risk at the outset of the project and this can only be achieved if a full understanding of the Client’s requirements is established and by ensuring the requirements are communicated and incorporated at the earliest stage.

Cost Consultancy Services

Cost Planning
Cost and Programme Risk Evaluation
Quality Risk Evaluation
Contingency Planning
Option Evaluation
Value Engineering
Tender Process Advice and Management.
Contract Administration